Thursday, September 20, 2018

Polishing models

Working now on the definitive models, after about 425 changes in the female and male models in the last 5 years.

As they are modular characters, the clothes must be perfectly adapted to the body. Any change in the model or in the rigg makes the clothes not look good and must be adapted.

Now the basic models are definitive (or not, who knows) and the existing clothes can already be adapted and made new ones.

We are adding LODs (low resolution models to use when they are far) to the models, since until now they were not used or were temporary. With that the performance can improve between 20% and 30%.

It will take us a few weeks to update everything.

In the last few weeks we've been working on a lot of things that haven't been shown on video yet.
We have improved the horse animations, companions can also use a horse, or ride behind you if there are no more horses near.
Companions can use the sword or bow from that position as well.

The combats have been improved, adding some fall and combat animations. The bow, postures and animations for handling the bow have been improved.

The mission system has been improved with more features.

The dialogues use a new system that makes it easier to edit them without restart the engine editor and translate them into other languages.

Vehicles have been added, sail ships that make routes around the island, and flying ships (for the aliens). The player can guide them, or go as a passenger.

We hope to show all that in video soon, when it's finished.


  1. When can I try this game? Thanks and good work!!!!

  2. Seguid trabajando duro, todo va teniendo una pinta brutal.
    Ojala podamos probar algo pronto tambien, mucho hype de tanto ver como avanzais

  3. Excellent! I'm really looking forward to this. :)

  4. Que requisitos se necesitan para poder jugarlo? (No impprta si es version demo)

  5. Please add me to the alpha and beta test list.