Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Find the werewolf

I'm not sure yet about having werewolves in the game. I also don't want the game to be something to put everything into, there's enough with aliens.


... the werewolves howling in the fog are... interesting. And they can fit well into the game if we consider that Anunnaki mythology talks about creating the man playing with genetics. So many ancient mythological creatures, half man, half animal, could be explained by that hobby of aliens with genetic experiments.
These werewolves would not be magical creatures, men who become wolves on full moon nights and can only be killed with silver... they would only be beasts, products of an alien playing in his laboratory.

I was also planning to have minotaurs, in the same way.
And lions, but I need animations for them.


  1. will there be absolutely no magic-like system?

    1. There is no magic, but there is alien technology, which in the eyes of those ancient people must have looked like magic.

  2. Hmm. I had never imagined it might have werewolves, but it could work! :D

  3. Is there a possible release date for this game? Or is there a demo version i can try?

  4. Werewolves seems like a good idea but I don't think minotaurs a good idea tho.

  5. Hi good night! I'm from Brazil and I liked your project, and I would like to have some doubts about the game. having a photo mode? and about the physique in the characters, will it have in Men? hair, pectoral, buttocks etc! I say this because in skyrim there is a mod that does this and everything is balanced in the choices of the characters
    sorry the English!

  6. I prefer minotaurs than werewolves myself !