Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unlimited forest

The trees and plants in this video are dynamically generated around the player in a similar way as is done with the grass.

There are two rings, one near and dense 300 meters away and a less dense one at 2 Km from the player location.

The UDK foliage tool slows down the game too much when you try to covering a large map, and with this system the size of the map is irrelevant, because always there are a limited number of trees only around the player.

Density, foliage type, etc, can be configured by area using custom volumes.

The performance is worse than using the foliage tool with a few trees (because FT uses clusters reducing drawcalls), but its faster with a large number of trees, so its a good solution to fill big landscapes, in conjuction with a reduced use of Foliage tool for key places.

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