Monday, February 1, 2016

UDK test map VCTF-Retribution

This is a test I did with a map for Unreal Tournament called "VCTF-Retribution", downloaded from here long time ago:

I have included it in my main 10x10 km map as an stream level (the map are loaded when you are near).

I wanted to have an idea as how the game can look once finished, using a well finished map like this.

This is only a test, the game is ambiented in the ancient Mesopotamia, and this level doesn't fit. It's only a test.

In this video you can see:

- Camera auto focus and auto exposure (both are configurable and deactivable).

- Dynamic illumination (no GI), with day/night cycle and torches casting shadows.

- 64 bots following a path using splines.

And some bugs:

- Bots don't detect ledges too well, sometimes they fall as if they were lemmings.

- Some clothes don't fit well because the base models were modified after made the cloth. I prefer to have a definitive base model before fixing the cloth.

- Framerate is bad, with frequently falls under 60 fps because the map has a lot of individual meshes (about 7000), and the 64 bots aren't optimized (too many modules, no LOD for clothes, apex clothing, etc).


This is done using UDK (UE3). Probably the result with UE4 would be much better, but this is a enough good result, I think.

I'm looking for people able to make maps like this, and want to collaborate in the game.

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