Sunday, May 15, 2016

Directional movement fixed

Since long time I had an error in the directional movement, when the chararcters walks backwards and diagonally.

I had to reverse right and left in the directional node when walk backwards and play the animations in reverse.
A dot product in the tick to detect the backward movement and send it to the animtree.

Now it works properly, but sometimes crosses the legs in a strange way.

Music by EC1 Studios.


  1. Howdy!
    Nope, it isn't strange the character crossing his legs. If you can check in a lot of games (PS3, I don't have PS4), the characters do the same thing.(See my message in the next post :D)

  2. The solution is to lock the direction changes in some parts of the animation (when the legs are centered) or wait for the complete step cycle, but this add lag to the player control and turn it imprecisse, and is very annoying.

    1. As a player, I almost do any game running, so it would be imperceptive for me. But, yes, with a developer's eye, I know what you mean ^^ (because if every player pay attention to details, Skyrim should be burned. Man, never saw so many bugs and annoying things in a game).

  3. By the way, I'm preparing to return to the production of my game in the next days here, and I started checking some animation concepts to fix my animations. I found something interesting in Naughty Dog GDC (, at the point he is talking about "Non Standard Animation Features: Flipping". Check it out :). It sounds promising to fix a lot of annoying movement when it's alternating the side (by symmetry). I have to mirror my animations to the cover node (flipping the sides), so I'll try to flip into other animations to see how the things will become.