Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turn in place root motion test

I was tired of the old animtree-based turn in place animations, never got it to work decently.

The new system uses root motion animations from Mixamo, adapted to the idle positions of the game characters.

I am not sure to use them in the normal movement (without weapons), because the player loses some feedback in the control. But with weapons, the 180º turn works very well.


  1. I guess that your choice should be made based on what you prioritize in your game, realism or gameplay. Realism-wise the first one is great but gameplay-wise it can get reeeally frustrating after some time. If there's two different stages to movement, rurning and walking, then i'd suggest using the first turning animation on 180° turning and making a new one for the running state that transitions better like the second one.

    1. Correction: i'd suggest using the first animation on the walking cycle and making a new one for the running state.

      Also, great work, i'm amazed at how advanced the game is for a one person project.