Saturday, August 26, 2017

Doors (WIP)

This door is a static actor, until the player or some bots touch it. Then the actor becomes dynamic and rotates in the direction the character is pushing.

In UDK usually are used a trigger with a kismet event or a hinge physics actor, but this is slow if there are a large number. In this way it's only a static mesh until it is touched.

Can be configured with several parameters, force, limits, locked, and can use any staticmesh.

Left to do:
- Sounds
- Lock
- Some animations for the character to push

House still hasn't textures in the interior.


  1. This is my personal opinion of course, but I always found it more interesting when the character would actually open the door with an animation. Doors can be kicked open if the player is in a hurry or opened quietly if the player is trying to stay silent. Then of course there is the regular casual door open. Doors that simply swing open when the player bumps into them can be a bit annoying.

  2. Or do the witcher 3 thing and have the character put their hand out to push the door.