Saturday, December 9, 2017

New horses

This is a preview of the new horses. They need a lot of work in textures and a new tail with transparencies instead of a solid body.

Voices don't look good, they need more attenuation adjustments (too near now) and perhaps new voices, more "warrior" voices.

The horse model is from Mixamo, as well as the animations of walking and canter.

Unlike the previous horse, this one can also be used by the bots, and weapons can be used while riding.

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  1. Hay alguna demo de esto? es muy bueno estoy interezado

  2. this game looks awesome! keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing this as an early access title!! amazing work!

  3. Gostaria de jogar.... onde consigo o download?

  4. What's the stage of the project? I can't wait to play demo! :D
    Can you give us option to play beta version? It would be great :D